Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Chicken Coop

If you want to rear chickens in your home, consider finding the suitable coops for chickens to give them a comfortable environment. It is essential to keep your flock happy and away from predators that can attack them during the night. Most chicken coops have similar characteristics that help keep your flock healthy and safe from predators. If you want to buy a chicken coop, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Roosting Bars

Chicken tends to stay close to each other during winter to help keep warm. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a minimum of 8inches of roost per hen. Normally roosts are positioned on higher ground in the coop for the chicken to perch when sleeping and are not supposed to sleep on boxes. Therefore you need to keep the roosting bars at the recommended height.

Nesting Boxes

Several chickens can live in a single nesting box, but it is recommended to keep at least three hens in a single box. Some people will hang curtains in nesting boxes that is optional, but it is good to help prevent the chicken from getting high temperatures on a sunny day. Pine shavings are the most used nesting bedding options for coops.


It is crucial to ensure that your nesting boxes have sufficient ventilation to prevent the risk of developing respiratory issues. Free flow of air is essential for the chicken to feel comfortable and avoid contracting bird flu. In addition, sufficient ventilation and thorough cleaning of the coop is an important exercise to eliminate ammonia fumes that build up and cause eye irritation when cleaning the chicken coop.


It is prudent to buy a spacious coop with enough square feet to keep your chicken and enough floor space for each hen inside the coop. If you want to rear a larger breed of chicken, you need sufficient space inside your coop, and if you want smaller breeds that spend most hours locked in the coop laying eggs, you need a small square foot per hen.


Building a chicken coop is a good move to keep your chicken from predators during the night. It is essential to build your coop with welded wire and predator-proof carbines to prevent predators from reaching your chicken when they are asleep during the night. Researching extensively and building a well-designed chicken coop is worth it if you want to ensure the safety of your flock is at stake.

When choosing the right chicken coop, there are essential factors to consider. First, the best chicken coop design will ensure that your chicken is safe and have enough space to stay free from any respiratory problems that mainly occur due to congestion in the coop.